Roof Damage Inspections & Estimates

When your roof is damaged by a storm or other disaster, you need it fixed quickly!
We can help you get started and complete the job as soon as possible, avoiding further damage and more expensive repairs.

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When a storm or other catastrophe damages the roof of your home or business, you need help immediately!

If you’ve lived in Central Texas for any time at all, you know that some pretty severe and damaging weather can blow through at any time. Severe damaging winds, large hail, flooding and even extended periods of icing are all possible, and can do great harm to the roof of any residential or commercial buildings.

If your roof sustains damage, it is crucial to get that damage repaired fast, so that no more damage can occur, resulting in even costlier repairs. Our expert team at Westrock Roofers are local to the area here, and know exactly what this means. We also have a dedicated and experienced insurance adjuster to help you deal with your insurance company to file a claim and make sure that you get the repair or replacement done properly with all benefits. They are ready to jump into action as quickly as you need to give you a free inspection and estimate, and affect repairs as quickly as possible! Just give us a call at 830-385-9674 or send us a request for a free inspection and estimate here. We’ll get back to you fast, and get your repair work going right away!

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