Residential Roof Repair

Sometimes your damaged roof doesn’t need a full roof replacement,
but repairs are just as important.
Make sure to get your roof professionally inspected and
have repairs done immediately to prevent
more damage later!

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A damaged roof needing repairs

There are times when a roof doesn’t require a full replacement but definitely needs some repairs. For example, your roof may be relatively new and in great shape but a storm blew down some branches or a tree, damaging the roof material. Or the roof may be leaking and just needs a localized repair. But how do you know? Here’s a few signs:

– Obvious damage you can see from an event, like a downed tree
– Evidence of water leaks inside the house
– Curling or buckling shingles in one area of the roof
– Missing shingles
– Shingle material on the ground next to the house
– Asphalt granules in gutters or on the ground

Any of these signs can be indicative of a roof needing repairs or maybe even a full replacement. Either way you should have the roof inspected by a trusted professional roofer immediately, before more damage can occur.

Another factor to consider if your roof needs a repair and not a full replacement (or if that’s what your insurance company will pay for), is the age of the roof, and how long you intend to own the home. For instance, if the damage to your roof is substantial, but short of a full replacement, you may want to just go ahead and pay the additional amount to replace the whole roof. You definitely don’t want to let the repairs wait as additional damage to the home inside can occur.  Or just the opposite; you may have some very minor damage that will eventually need repairs, but you are planning on selling the home soon and so don’t want to bother with the repair at this time. But the first step is getting a reputable roofing expert to inspect the damage and evaluate the options.

The golden rule here is DON’T WAIT! Get any damage inspected immediately and make a decision, before the damage gets worse (and more expensive).

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