Metal Roofing

Metal roofs are durable, long-lasting, fire resistant and attractive!
If you’re building a new structure, or replacing or upgrading an existing roof, then metal roofing is a great choice!
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Whether you’re replacing an existing roof or building a new one,
the benefits of metal roofing make it a great choice for homes and commercial buildings of all kinds.

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The benefits of Metal Roofing over other types of roofs include:

– They are more attractive in appearance

– They are very durable

– Metal roofs last a LOT longer than shingle roofs

– They are lighter weight (less strain on the structure)

– Metal roof material is available in a lot of different styles in colors

– They are more resistant to storm damage

– Metal is reflective and so more energy efficient

– Metal roofs are fire resistant

– Metal roofs don’t rot or mold like shingle roofs can

A beautiful new metal roof installed by Westrock Roofers in Lake Buchanan Texas

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Common styles of metal roofing are:

An R Panel metal roof

R Panel Metal Roofing

R Panel metal roofing is a basic style of metal roofing. It’s name refers to the style of panel used, but is commonly used to refer to basic metal roofing on utility buildings, industrial buildings, storage buildings and barns. It is simply made up of overlapping R panels that are screwed onto the roof decking with exposed fasteners.

A beautiful new standing seam metal roof

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

A Standing Seam Metal Roof is composed of panels that are connected by interlocking seams that stand up straight. This type of roof is very attractive as it hides all of the fasteners for a smooth, clean look. Standing seam roofs are one of the more common styles in Central Texas. The panels are available in many styles and colors. 

Common types of metal roofing materials are:

Aluminum Roofing


Aluminum and steel roofing material looks very similar but there are some important differences. Aluminum is lightweight, corrosion resistant, and easy to work with. However, it is less durable than steel roofing, costs more, and has less style and color choices.

A new standing seam steel roof in Lake Buchanan Texas


Metal roofs made with steel roofing material are the most common types of metal roofs. Steel is the most durable metal roof material, is resistant to fire and rotting, and has a long life span. It is also offers the greatest availability of color and style choices. Overall, steel is the most popular metal roofing material.

Zinc metal roofing

Zinc or Copper

If you’re looking for a very unique and luxurious style of roof, metal roofs made from copper and zinc are an amazing choice. The material has a beautiful look and the colors patina over time. The downside of copper or zinc roofing is that they have limited availability, are less durable than steel, and are significantly higher in cost than steel or aluminum.

If it’s time to consider a new metal roof for your home or business, there definitely are plenty of options and choices to consider. At Westrock Roofers our experts can guide you through your decision making process with their experience and expertise, to help you choose the option that best fits your needs and budget. Our advice and estimates are always free so give us a call today!

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