Commercial Roof Repair

If the roof on your commercial building is failing, it can lead to big problems inside!
Having damage repaired quickly is critical and will end up saving you money and time.

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The Central Texas climate is TOUGH on commercial roofs!

If you’ve been in the Central Texas, Hill Country, and Highland Lakes areas for any length of time, you already know how extreme the weather can be. Extreme heat, drenching rain and hail storms, ice and snow in the winter, all contribute to tremendous wear and tear on any roofing system. 

These conditions can cause drainage issues leading to standing water, cracked boots, seals, and flashing leading to leaks, and all sorts of other mayhem! Our team of experts at Westrock Roofers is very familiar with the Central Texas climate and how it affects commercial roofs.  

Commercial Roof Inspection – The First Step

If you suspect or know that the roof on your commercial building has damage, it is important to identify the problem immediately. Whether you’re able to see the damage or you have water leaking inside the building or you’re seeing mold develop in ceiling areas, those are pretty good signs that you may have a damaged or leaking roof.

The first thing to do is contact a reputable commercial roofing contractor for an inspection. Our team will inspect your roof for free, just give us a call or complete our request for a free inspection form here.

Once our expert inspectors get a good look at your roof, they will be able to identify any damage and needed repairs. At that time they will give a free cost estimate as well.

Our mission at Westrock Roofers is to keep the roof on your commercial building secure and trouble free for years to come. We will inspect it regularly, recommend maintenance plans to avoid damages, and make repairs for you when needed. Regular inspection and maintenance will help avoid damage but, when damage occurs it is critical to fix those areas as quickly as possible.


Commercial Roof

When the roof on your commercial property needs repairs or replacement,
you need help immediately!

While there certainly is no shortage of roofing companies to choose from, there’s definitely a quality difference between them. Your roof protects your, your customers, employees or tenants, and your possessions. Don’t leave the repair or replacement of it to an unknown or disreputable “contractor.” The roofing industry is filled with less-then-honest players, so make sure to trust your expensive and important roofing work to a quality and experienced contractor.
Our team here at Western Sky Roofers is trustworthy, experienced and we have great references. Give us a call or request a free estimate and we’ll be happy to show you how a truly professional roofing contractor gets the job done!

Commercial asphalt roof being repaired

Commercial Roof Repair

At this point we could go into a lot of detail about the types of commercial roofs there are, how they are repaired, the expertise needed to properly identify and fix any issues, the quality of materials and workmanship required, and a lot of other minor things that go into a quality commercial roof repair. But you don’t need to know those things. You just need the roof on your building fixed quickly and efficiently! However, here are a couple of tips to get the job done properly.

Once your roof has been inspected and damage has been found, it is imperative to affect repairs as quickly as possible. Any delay can cause more damage leading to more extensively and costly repairs. Our best advice to you is……don’t wait!

However, it is also important that you choose a roofing contractor wisely. Look for a local commercial roofing company with a good reputation, get a few free estimates, ask a lot of questions, check references and then pick a company you feel comfortable with.

Our team here at Westrock Roofers is local, experienced, reliable, trustworthy, and customer friendly. We will do a complete inspection of your roof, identify and explain any damage, detail what repairs are needed, and answer all your questions. Most importantly, we’ll tell you how fast we can get it done, and give you a free estimate. Give us a call or request a free inspection with our form here.

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