About Us at Westrock Roofers of Burnet Texas

So who is “Westrock Roofers” anyway?

When you’re looking for a contractor to work on the structure of your home or business, it’s good to know who is doing the work, especially in the world of roofing contractors! We don’t want to talk bad about our industry, but we must be honest and say that there are some less than reputable or even downright dishonest players.

A damaged roof is generally something that you need a roofing contractor for in a hurry. Roofing repairs need to be done quickly. And sometimes, you may be rushed to make a choice of roofing company to get the job done. At Westrock Roofers, we believe that knowing your roofing company right up front is important and easy, if you’re dealing with a reputable one.

So unless you have a friend or family member in the roofing business, or have a great recommendation from someone you trust, how can you pick a good roofer?

The first thing we recommend is checking out the businesses history. Are they local or are they some fly by night “contractor” that shows up in your area from who knows where every time a storm blows though? And if you ever need them to fix a mistake or honor their warranty, will they be local and available?

The next thing is to ask for and check references. Ask the roofing company that is doing your estimate for references that you can call. If they have plenty of them and encourage you to call them, that’s a very good sign you’re dealing with a good, solid roofing contractor. But if they are a bit evasive on giving you good, local references, they may be either dishonest, or just not have much history in your local area.

Lastly, what kind of vibe do you get from their representative who comes to speak with you and give you an estimate? Were they open to questions and transparent with their answers? Did they talk specifically and professionally about the exact damage or issues you have and give good recommendations? Did they have a professional appearance both in themselves and their vehicles and equipment? How did you feel about your discussion with them?

Westrock Roofers is an experienced and established company of dedicated local contracting pros in the Central Texas area. Our parent company, Westrock Contractors (formerly James West Construction), is owned and operated by local folks who have been in the construction industry for well over a decade. We grew up, live, and do business in Central Texas and the Highland Lakes area, so we realize our reputation is everything. With a proven track record of all types of construction and happy customers, we encourage you to check us out and call our references. We think they are our best advertisements!

We love our home area here in Central Texas and love being in the roofing business. Whether you need a residential roof repair, a complete roof replacement, inspection or maintenance of a commercial roof, commercial roof replacement, an upgrade to a metal roof, or anything else roofing related, we believe we are the best residential and commercial roofing company in the roofing industry, and it would be our privilege to serve you!

Contact us by a request form here or give us a call at 830-385-9674 for a free roof inspection and roof repair or replacement estimate and we’ll go to work for you right away. We appreciate the opportunity to prove our worth!